• Museum Fantasy Tour: Meeting the Unexpected Characters HUNTING FOR TREASURES

    14:00 - 17:00 31 Oct 2020
    Free with Museum Admission

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  • CSSC Maritime Heritage Resource Centre New Website

    You may now view around 100 items of archives and special collections from the new website of CSSC Maritime Heritage Resource Centre.
  • Return! Another Look at “The Dragon and the Eagle” and “The Silver Age”

    Check out our newly-interpreted exhibitions, “The Dragon and the Eagle” and “The Silver Age”!
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    Want to Learn More about Maritime Heritage, Hong Kong Port Story and Global Trade?
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    Click our Google Arts & Culture webpage and explore our online exhibitions and collections
  • The Story of Philo Norton McGiffin Online Exhibition

    The new online exhibition ‘The Story of Philo Norton McGiffin’ is available at Google Arts & Culture!
  • Online Viewing

    The Alexander Hume Painting
  • Lighthouse Memories: Green Island Lighthouse Documentary

    Lighthouse Memories: Green Island Lighthouse demonstrates the information obtained through primary sources such as archived collections, old documents, images, and texts that support the research on the Green Island Lighthouse.

    A multi-media, interactive, encyclopaedic platform for maritime learning!
  • Online Research Article

    On Star Ferry, marine pollution, Harbour stories and its people, and China trade history
  • The Online Canton Trade Game

    Travel back to a virtual 19th century world and complete a sailing voyage from the United States to old Canton!
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    Books of photography history and our previous exhibitions
  • Rooftop Cafe Remains Open

    Everyday from 10 am to 6 pm. A quiet space overseeing the harbour with both indoor and outdoor seating.
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