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Swire Marine Discovery Centre

Swire Marine Discovery Centre

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The multi-purpose hall, having an unhampered harbour view and 100 retractable seats. Also, gallery can be used as a small exhibition to showcase maritime heritage and marine ecology stories.

Blue Ocean Hall and Gallery


Blue Ocean Learning Centre

A multi-function classroom locates right next to the Victoria Harbour, various marine science related programmes and workshops will be organised for a wide range of audiences.

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Watch the Story of the Ocean

Opening in Summer 2022, the Swire Marine Discovery Centre is a new addition to the Hong Kong Maritime Museum. Located by the Central Harbourfront, it will provide the community with the unique opportunity to learn about Hong Kong’s maritime heritage and marine ecology through a pioneering fusion of History, Art and Science. Comprising a multipurpose lecture theatre as well as learning spaces, the Centre will be a meeting place for green groups, corporates and schools to engage in dialogues, enable research, nurture young minds and drive solutions about timely issues and challenges pertaining to the “Green Planet, Blue Ocean” concept.

Blue Ocean Gallery
Blue Ocean Theatre

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