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About Us
History, Vision and Mission


The Hong Kong Maritime Museum is a vibrant, cultural institution dedicated to preserving, collecting and displaying objects that tell the story about trade and maritime in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta. A non-profit registered charity founded in 2003 by members of the Hong Kong Shipowners Association, the Museum opened in September 2005 at Murray House in Stanley and relocated in 2013 to Pier 8, in the heart of the Central Harbour Waterfront. Today the Museum attracts 100,000 visitors annually where across 4,600 square metres more than 1,100 objects are displayed in 13 galleries on three levels. All of which uniquely overlooks a bustling Victoria Harbour.


A special exhibition and events space, resource centre, roof-top café and gift shop augment visitors' experience and patrons and the community of Hong Kong actively engage in education and public programming offered for schools, community groups and families.


Moving to Pier 8 followed a public tender process initiated by the Hong Kong Government, which was awarded to the Museum in 2009. The Government, a principal contributor, provided funding to support the cost of relocation and new construction and has committed to an operational subsidy for the first five years of operations.

Strategic Focus

To ensure the ongoing success of the Museum we must continue to strengthen our position within Hong Kong’s cultural landscape and grow our capabilities as an organisation. Success over time will only be achieved by systematically building on achievements-to-date and ensuring new projects are linked to proven capabilities.

Organisational Values

Respect - Show respect in the delivery of museum services at all times and with all stakeholders.

Stewardship - Present the importance of Victoria Harbour and the role of maritime in Hong Kong and China through the collection, research and preservation of artefacts, and objects within our galleries for the public.

Learning - Provide new and continuing opportunities for adults, students, scholars, families and the community to gain new knowledge.

Innovation - Continually evolve and improve how we display objects and engage visitors and the community of Hong Kong.

Service - Ensure an exceptional visitor experience with high quality displays, contextual storylines and thoughtful interactions with our staff.

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