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Collection Highlights


The Hong Kong Maritime Museum has assembled the most comprehensive public collection of marine artefacts in Southern China. Key items highlight over two thousand years of human history – from Han dynasty archaeological relics to the modern technology found aboard the latest container vessels that transport manufactured items from the Pearl River Delta to far corners of the world.

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Ceramics, from the humble earthenware to the refined porcelain, have played an important role that transcends the boundaries of time and space. The beautiful pieces from the era of the great China Trade for one, are so coveted by Western consumers that it became perhaps the most important of trades between China and the West.  

Apart from these relatively modern pieces, the museum is also home to ceramics from earlier Chinese dynasties. The artistic motifs and qualities of these fine pieces offers a reflection of the characteristics of the particular era.

The museum currently holds over 300 objects dating from the 200s to 1900s AD in its collection of ceramics.


The craft of ship modelling, an art nearly as old and sophisticated as shipbuilding itself offers us an opportunity to understand the evolution of shipbuilding technology.  While artistic considerations ​do lead to deviations away from a fully accurate depiction of the contemporary ship, the essence and interesting details are often perfectly encapsulated by these fine pieces.


The Museum is fortunate to have a collection of more than 100 models that ranges from realistic modern replicas of tankers, to pieces exquisitely crafted in a variety of materials, which ranges from silver to bamboo.

Nautical Instruments & Naval Artefacts

From the moment that vessels first set sail, mariners have been searching for ways to plot the shortest course to their destination and to predict conditions at sea.  The Museum's collection of navigational instruments tracks the gradual advance in equipment to determine location, direction and weather conditions.

The museum also displays a range of other naval artefacts, ranging from marine chronometers, naval weaponries, to ship's bells.


The application of pigment to a surface has long been the way for artists to express themselves, giving a contemporary account of the times they live in, communicating ideas, recording scenes or simply conveying something beautiful.  

A closer look at the detail in the paintings, particularly those on the China Trade era, will reveal the subtleties of artists in depicting a world of symbols, intrigue, themes and metaphors. The Museum is proud to offer its collection of China Trade paintings, which is perhaps the finest of its kind in Asia.