School & Community Visits

Special Announcement

The Hong Kong Maritime Museum has opened 7 days a week since 24 June 2022. Due to construction, the museum currently only opens C Deck and Special Exhibition. Please see details here.

School & Community Visits 

The Education and Public Engagement Team of the Museum aims to enhance public learning in maritime history through various education programmes and services including workshops, guided tours and learning materials. 

School Visit

The museum provides curriculum related programmes for students of different education levels.  The programmes include guided tours, interactive workshops and activity sheets. 

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Community Visit

The museum offers educational activities to charities. Community groups can also arrange their own visits. Please feel free to discuss your visit objectives with our museum staffs.


Booking Application for Schools and Community Groups

Arrange a visit to the museums, tour of our galleries or historical walk using the booking form



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Phone: 3713 2531

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