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Swire Marine Discovery Centre Learning Resources

Public Talks

The Hong Kong Underwater Photo & Video Competition 2023 Exhibition︱Public Seminars and Sharing Forum (2023.12.20-2024.01.11)

Nurture via Nature: Hong Kong Nature Connectedness and Outdoor Environmental Education | Sympoisum (2023.07.30-10.02)

Arctic Shipping and Development in the Contemporary World” Conference (2023.08.13)

Meet-the-Marine-Scientists Series

Talk 1 – Dr Daniel Pauley (Speaker) & Dr Yvonne Sadovy (Moderator) (2023.07.15)

Talk 2 – Prof Qiu (2023.02.24)

Harbour Circle Symposium 2023 (2023.02.08)

Hong Kong Fisheries Now and Then – The Demise of Yellow Croaker (2021.08.29)

Hong Kong Mudflat Ecology – Our blue-blood living fossil (2021.08.29)

Past Exhibitions

“Plasticised Marine Life” Exhibition (2023.09.11-11.05)


The Hong Kong Underwater Photo & Video Competition 2023 Exhibition (2023.12.20-2024.01.11)

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Education Materials


Worksheets with different focuses and themes are available.
*The visiting party would be responsible for the printing of worksheets.

NGO Partners and Education Resources


BLOOM HK is a locally-based marine conservation NGO established in 2009. With focuses on the shark fin and dried seafood trade, local marine reef fish biodiversity, and sustainable seafood, BLOOM HK works to increase our knowledge through scientific research, and capacity for marine conservation through educating and engaging stakeholders.


Photo credit: Eric Keung@114°E Hong Kong Reef Fish Survey

Photo credit: Sam Inglis@114°E Hong Kong Reef Fish Survey

114°E Hong Kong Reef Fish Web-Portal

The 114°E Web-Portal is an online database of all reef fish species documented locally through the 114°E Hong Kong Reef Fish Survey. Users can get to know the rich marine fish diversity through descriptions of species characteristics, behaviours and identification features, and photographs of the fish in Hong Kong waters!


LumiVoce means “illuminating with sound”. We inspire and educate the young to fall in love and protect wildlife and biodiversity through the power of music, arts, and education, because “we protect what we love” . We enable young creative voices for biodiversity and a sustainable planet.

IMG_4754 2.HEIC

Voices for the Planet Challenge

Voices for the Planet Challenge inspires young people to love and protect wildlife and biodiversity by creating their own wildlife artwork in five different art forms, including drawing, writing, photography, videography, and music. The guided creation process ignites students', teachers', and parents' interest and compassion for the connection between humans and nature and wildlife.

Ensoul (Education Music Video)

Ensoul is LumiVoce’s flagship project. It is a series of unique wildlife conservation music videos that combines pure classical vocalisation, diverse rhythms from around the world, sounds of wildlife and nature, with moving images and powerful messages. Each music video takes teams of musicians, producers, engineers, writers, designers and researchers months to complete.

Ocean Recovery Alliance

Ocean Recovery Alliance is an NGO focused on creating innovative solutions and collaborations to improve the health of the ocean. Its network of organizations, entrepreneurs and innovators, particularly related to plastic sustainability and circularity, but also dedicated to broad ocean governance and new thought leadership, and helps to create engaged and active dialogue where gaps often occur due to between entities that often do not have a history of working with one another. 

water front-51.jpg
water front-89.jpg

Water Caretakers of Tomorrow (Educational Curriculum)

Jockey Club Water Caretakers of Tomorrow is an educational curriculum on water systems, from mountains to the sea, designed for 11-13 year old Hong Kong students. Through a combination of inquiry-based and project-based learning, students develop understanding and appreciation for our water systems and functions, at both the local and global levels.

WWF Hong Kong

WWF is a leading global conservation organisation, with the mission to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature. WWF-Hong Kong has been working since 1981 to deliver solutions for a living planet through conservation, footprint and education programmes, with the aim of transforming Hong Kong into Asia’s most sustainable city. 


Tales of the Ocean (Education video, with English subtitles)

Home to rich marine biodiversity, our oceans are nature's gift. However, human activity threatens this habitat and the survival of many species. The "Tales of Ocean" video features local marine ecologists and fishmen who share Hong Kong's loss of marine biodiversity and introduce the importance of marine protected areas.

Removing Horseshoe Crab’s Price Tag (Education video, with English subtitles)

In Hong Kong, only a small group of people have actually seen adult horseshoe crabs in the wild; ironically, most people have only encountered them in seafood markets and restaurants. The fate of horseshoe crabs lies in the hands of humans. Will you join us and protect them?

Public Talks
Education Materials
Past Exhibitions
NGO Partners and Education Resources
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