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A quality villain: creating an image of the antagonist

classification of villains:

Evil absolute (natural) - those same madmen, guided by darkness and without any halftones.

Evil with principles - they walk on their heads, but only on the heads of those whom they consider responsible for their misfortunes. They do not touch the innocent. Nor will he touch children. Or he will PayForEssay never lay a hand on a woman. For the principle (religion, upbringing, cases from the past).

Evil who doubts walks on their heads, but in contemplation ("Am I a creature that trembles?") Permanently doubts the necessity of a certain cause, methods, plans, and, at the same time, his comrades-in-arms. And a little in himself.

Tragic evil - born and raised good, but circumstances were such that had to change the "pole" and to defend other, dark interests. When the same circumstances change, it can return to the good and light.

Ideological Evil - originally, it was an ordinary person, but then as knocked on the head (by an event, observation, insight, a harmful book)...

Fanatical evil - acts at the behest of a deity (spiritual master), doing his will.

But is it evil? - If you look at his actions from the outside, they are useful to society, and the goal is quite good. Except physics home work help that the methods are controversial and questionable.

The antagonist (if he is not undead) must have everything that the protagonist has - and that any of us have: a soul with its needs, a complex mental structure, past, present and future. And then he will turn out to be interesting and alive.

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