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Permanent Exhibitions

Permanent Galleries 


Discover 2,000 years of Southern China’s maritime heritage over 15 galleries. Through art, science, history, engineering and marine ecology, visitors can gain a unique insight into the world’s famous Pearl River Delta stories.


With specially designed exhibits and programmes, a wealth of experiences can be found for all members of the family, from participating in the highly interactive KM Koo Ship Bridge Simulator to observing the exquisite paintings of nineteenth century Cantonese  painters.

C Deck

China's Maritime Heritage 

It introduces the long history and development of China’s maritime Heritage for over 2,000 years. It covers naval architecture, China trade in Canton, East-West global trade, piracy in South China, and the development of treaty ports in the 19th and the 20th centuries.

Traditional Maritime China

2004 .png

The China Trade

763 .jpg

The Keying Display

Keying .JPG

Sea Bandits

sea bandits .JPG

China’s First Maritime Modernization 

C Deck

B Deck

Hong Kong's Port Stories


It illustrates various maritime stories of how Hong Kong developed as a modern port since the opening of the port and the creation of the Victoria Harbour in the mid-19th century until today. It also includes tangible and intangible local maritime heritage as well as underwater archaeology.  

Creating Victoria Harbour

TC Chan Gallery .JPG

Hong Kong Ships and Shipyards

Hong Kong Ships and Shipyards .JPG

Making of a Modern Port

modern port .JPG

Harbour Viewing Gallery


Carrying People

carrying people .JPG

Life, Faith and Fun on the Water

fun on the water.JPG

The Underwater World

jake .JPG

Sounds of the Sea

sounds of the sea .JPG

Humans and the Ocean

humans and the ocean_pic.jpg

Special Exhibitions & Events Gallery

B Deck
A Deck
KM Koo Ship Bridge Simulator

A Deck

Marine Science and Technology


It introduces the development of maritime technology like sea navigation, tele-communications, as well as the theme of marine science such as oceanography and ecology in Hong Kong and beyond. The immersive bridge stimulator is also an excellent demonstration of how seafarers navigate in the sea.

Maritime Communications

Morse Code .JPG

Navigation and Meteorology

Pocket globe .JPG

Ship Bridge Simulator

(Temporarily Closed)

Simulator .JPG

Blue Ocean Hall and Gallery

View Gallery
SMDC Lecture Theatre_rendering.jpg

The Companionways


As with all ocean-going vessels, long passages — or companionways —zigzag through the museum. While onboard ship a companionway may link the bridge to nearby staff quarters, in the case of the museum, display galleries are connected to support areas including the library and research offices.

In an imaginative teaming up with leading photographer Basil Pao, the Hong Kong Maritime Museum has commissioned the artist to create a series of stunning visual images that capture different aspects of the ocean, for exhibit along the companionways that link A, B, C and D decks. An important theme of this photographic expose is to remind visitors that the world’s oceans occupy by surface, seven-tenths of the earth.

Companionways .JPG
The Companionways
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