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Zheng He and China’s National Maritime Day

China National Maritime Day, officially referred to as Maritime Day of China, is celebrated since 11th July , 2005, commemorating marked Zheng He's first voyage. The date marks the 600th anniversary of the ocean voyages of Zheng He, the Ming dynasty (1368–1644) navigator, who went on seven voyages to show China's might to the rest of the world, under the command of Yongle Emperor.

Key Visual of China Maritime Week 2022

1. Biography of Zheng He

In China’s maritime story, Zheng He (1371 – 1433) is an almost mythic figure. He was born in Yunnan in 1371 shortly after the fall of the Yuan Dynasty. Captured by Ming forces in 1381, when his father was killed, Zheng He was castrated and taken into the service of Zhu Di, the Prince of Yan, later the 3rd Ming Emperor, Yongle. Over the next 24 years Zheng He had a successful career as an influential court eunuch before being appointed to lead the great voyages.

Statue of Zheng He, Wikipedia

2. Zheng He’s voyages

The first voyage, with 27,000 people (mostly soldiers) in its fleet, returned in October 1407 after visiting today’s Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and India. Six voyages followed from 1407 to 1433. During the last one it is thought that Zheng He died at sea.

Tomb of Zheng He, at Niushoushan, Nanjing, Wikipedia

The 4th – 7th voyages ranged as far west as Jiddah in the Red Sea and Malindi in East Africa. The squadrons visited at least 30 contemporary kingdoms, expanding geographical knowledge that had been building since Song Dynasty traders first ventured on major overseas voyages.

3. Size of ship

As part of the celebrations of the 580th anniversary of Zheng He’s voyages to the Western Seas, a Treasure Boat model was constructed and placed in Nanjing’s Zheng He Memorial Museum. The Hong Kong Maritime Museum also build a model of a Zheng He Treasure Boat based on limited historical knowledge. There is much more on Zheng He and his voyages.

Display model of Treasure Ship, Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) at the Hong Kong Maritime Museum. HKMM2005.0118.0001

Discover more on the C Deck of the Hong Kong Maritime Museum

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