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Hong Kong’s First Chinese Language Newspaper

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

The Chinese Serial is the first Chinese newspaper published monthly by Ying Wah College in binding-book style. In its last issue in May 1856, the Chinese Serial reported the modern Western technology products, the illuminating lighthouses and steam vessels, with diagrams and illustrations.

The expression “燈塔” (which means Light-Tower or lighthouse) was first introduced in this issue and continued to be used and disseminated in nowadays Chinese community. Since the era of Bakumatsu (1853-1868), learned Japanese was interested in western knowledge through Chinese Serial which was published in Hong Kong.

When it was out of print, the Japanese hand copied them to disseminate and circulate. It is reasonable to conclude that Chinese Serial is a bridge for East Asia to learn the West’s advanced Science and Technology.

The Chinese Serial (Japanese handwritten copy) - cover and the drawing published in May, 1856
If the stories of Hong Kong lighthouses are your thing, learn more our work here.

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