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“Evolution of Hong Kong Coastline” History Tour
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Programme Introduction

As one of the landmarks in Central, Hong Kong Observation Wheel (HKOW) is committed to provide engaging, entertaining and educational programmes to the local community. To enhance the time travel experience of historical Hong Kong Harbourfront from 1890s to the present day, HKOW is proud to present a special learning programme tailor-made for students. Partnering with the neighbouring Hong Kong Maritime Museum (HKMM), which is specialized in maritime history including the Hong Kong harbourfront history, this programme is supported by professional museum docents with the utilization of the HKOW AR app to provide a unique look into the evolution of Hong Kong coastline.


The programme aims at creating an engaging, entertaining, and educational experiences for students to understand Hong Kong Harbourfront history. Aided by the AR App, the professional guided tours by museum docents provide an outdoor learning experience through the *S.T.E.A.M. approach.

(*S.T.E.A.M.- Science. Technology. Engineering. Art. Mathematics)

Key Message
"Empowering Students with the Award-Winning AR Technology: HKOW and HKMM Inspire a Deeper Understanding of Hong Kong's History through an Interactive Learning Tour."


Hong Kong Maritime Museum (HKMM)

The Hong Kong Maritime Museum (HKMM) is a vibrant, cultural institution dedicated to chronicle, analyse and communicate knowledge about the ocean-related history and heritage in all aspects. HKMM Education Team aims at offering innovative, high quality education programmes in a fusion of history, art and science for the audience. 

Hong Kong Observation Wheel (HKOW)

HKOW is the heartbeat of Hong Kong. It creates opportunities for the people of Hong Kong to experience the iconic skyline in the most iconic Hong Kong location whilst supporting the communities in the purpose of engaging people from different area. With the use of the AR App allows students to travel in time and see the captivating faces of Hong Kong in different eras and embark on a fascinating time-travelling journey as the Wheel spins.

Programme Advisors

Mr Ko Tim Keung, Hong Kong Historian, HKMM Collection Committee Member

Ms Cora Lee, Head of Education, HKMM

Activity Information
Target and Qualifications: Students currently in Primary 4 to Primary 6, and Form 1 to Form 3.

Group Size: 25 participants per tour

Fee: HK$800 per tour



90 minutes for each tour, including:

Part I:     45 minutes – Docent tour inside HKMM

Part II:    30 minutes – Harbourfront history docent tour (using HKOW AR app)

               & 15 minutes – HKOW Wheel experience


How to Register
Please fill in HKMM’s online booking application, choose to participate in the programme, and submit. 
The museum will contact the school to confirm the visit details and provide payment information to the school. The school needs to make payment within seven working days and provide payment records as instructed.


Hong Kong Maritime Museum Education Team

Tel:3713 2533

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