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Chief Executive’s Community Project “Anchor Plaza”


This project will deliver “Anchor Plaza”, a vibrant and interactive public learning space located on the Central Harbourfront between the Observation Wheel and Pier No. 9. The Anchor Plaza will feature the world’s largest anchor alongside a pavilion with a triangular profile, its shape inspired by traditional ships and waves. It will be adjacent to the Hong Kong Maritime Museum (HKMM) on a 1,490 square metre site. The project is supported by a grant from the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust as part of the Chief Executive’s Community Project campaign. The completion of the project and its opening to the public are anticipated in early 2025.


The anchor of the "Seawise Giant", which was owned for a period by Hong Kong maritime industry giant C.Y. Tung was acquired by Mr. Anthony Hardy BBS, the Emeritus Chairman of the Hong Kong Maritime Museum, in 2012.  Seawise Giant is the world’s largest vessel ever to sail and its anchor is symbolic of the Hong Kong story and spirit. In addition, a visitor pavilion will be built which will provide immersive interactive education and entertainment programmes, while Anchor Plaza can be used to host a wide range of community events and performances. The project will feature innovative Art-Tech as an interactive audio-visual element, enhancing the public’s enjoyment of the harbourfront and showcasing the rich maritime cultural heritage of Hong Kong through engagement and education.


HKMM has established itself as the cultural link between the city and its maritime history, art and science. Anchor Plaza will extend its reach to deliver direct public benefit via a permanent outreach education space, connecting with a mass audience.


The anchor itself is a valuable industrial heritage artefact. Installing this innovative new landmark at an iconic location in Central’s harbourfront will raise the profile of the city internationally, while telling the Hong Kong story for local, regional, and international audiences. Art-Tech applications in immersive space projections, light show and interactive elements will enable a unique learning experience along the waterfront. The free public space nature of the site will also allow people from all backgrounds and abilities to enjoy the experience.


The HKMM, with its educational focuses of History, Art and Science, is a connector between experts in respective areas and the community, with beneficiaries including families, school students, university students, special needs children, teachers, community and youth groups, elderly centres, green and ocean conservation NGOs, artists, and educators.

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