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Accompanies the exhibition of the same name which ran from 24 Jun 2022 to 30 October 2022, organised and curated by the Hong Kong Maritime Museum, commemorates the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. 


This landmark exhibition explores Hong Kong's rapid rebirth from the ashes of World War II and reveals the vital role played by the maritime industry in propelling the city's recovery and its current and future development. The exhibition showcases 25 representative and iconic artefacts that define Hong Kong's maritime story.


Language: English, Chinese

ISBN: 978-988-14653-4-4

Maritime Crossroads: Millennia of Global Trade in Hong Kong, Southern China and Beyond


Through this publication and research, we are devoted to promoting the maritime history and cultural heritage of Hong Kong, Southern China, China, Asia, and the world spanning thousands of years to the public and students. This allows people to understand the role of domestic and foreign maritime industries in the context of globalization and expand Hong Kong's connections with other regions. At the same time, this book attempts to use historical relics, archaeological materials, and documents to present the story of the changing maritime trade industry from East Asia to the world, as well as the related discoveries of cross-regional, political, economic, and cultural significance, starting from Hong Kong.


Language: Chinese

ISBN 978-988-14653-5-1

Maritime Crossroad: Millennia of Global Trade in Hong Kong


The Hong Kong Maritime Museum (HKMM) is dedicated to showcase the maritime history of Hong Kong and how this history connects the city to the world. Since its establishment in 2003, the Museum has emerged as an international cultural institution, engaging not only local but also national and global communities.

Taking the audience on a journey through time from the Neolithic to the Internet era, the exhibition Maritime Crossroads: Millennia of Global Trade in Hong Kong illustrates the concepts of crossroads, flows, transitions, migration, and settlement through the circulations not only of commodities but also of people, their cultures, and their stories that turned Hong Kong into a cosmopolitan city of possibilities and opportunities. In short, the exhibition demonstrates interactively how Hong Kong has served for centuries as a regional and global point of connection.

The HKMM is most grateful to all the individuals involved in the project who have been so generous in sharing their time and knowledge. We also thank the various institutions that kindly provided parts of their collections on loan. Finally, we thank our sponsor, Maritime and Aviation Training Fund (MATF), Transport and Housing Bureau. Their financial support enables us to present this exhibition about the long, important, and in many ways beautiful, maritime stories of Hong Kong.


Language: Chinese and English

ISBN 978-988-14653-1-3

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