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Joko Tole – a Floating Production Unit

Built in 1988 at Mihara yard in Japan and originally named “Seto Breeze”, the Joko Tole FPU (Floating Production Unit) was bought by BW Offshore for conversion in 2011.

The name Joko Tole refers to a legendary Indonesian hero and the subject of a popular Indonesian folk song. He was a great soldier from Madura Island, who was asked by the Majapahit King to erect a magical gate in front of the palace. Succeeding at this task when no-one else had been able to, Joko Tole was then compelled to marry the blind princess. On their way home after the wedding, they stopped to wash their faces, and as a reward from the Gods, the princess could see again.

Converting the Aframax tanker into a floating production unit involved a complete refurbishment, which was carried out by Sembcorp Marine in Singapore. The shipyard scope included installing new power generation plants, boilers, eight topside modules, a helideck and flare tower, as well as upgraded accommodation facilities.

Joko Tole arrived on the Terang Sirasun Batur field in Indonesia in April 2012. Approximately 120 km from Pagerungan Island, this field lies in a seismically active area. After hooking up to its mooring, Joko Tole started receiving gas in June 2012.

Joko Tole is equipped to process 340 million cubic feet per day of gas for export to the East Java Gas Pipeline. She measures 247 metres long and is 42 metres wide, processing gas from four subsidiary gas fields. This involves a primary separation system, gas compression system, dehydration system, produced water treatment unit, sales gas and metering system and a condensate stabilisation system. In addition, utility systems such as fuel gas, flaring, drainage, instrument air, cooling, fire water, chemical injection, as well as condensate storage and off-loading.

The East Java Pipeline delivers millions of cubic feet of natural gas per day to consumers located in the East Java province and is an important supplier of energy to the region.

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