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Gifted Education Programme: Maritime History and Curating

To complement the special exhibition, Hong Kong’s Maritime Miracle: The Story of Our City since 1945, we have created the Curiosity Corner to encourage audiences to explore a new chapter in the development of the Port of Hong Kong and the shipping industry. Under the theme ‘loading and unloading’, we have highlighted two major components - ‘Containerisation’ and the journey ‘From A Port City to A Smart Port City’.  In the past, the successful development of the port of Hong Kong created one of the most famous port cities of the world. In the future, turning the port into a Smart Port is a major challenge that Hong Kong’s maritime communities face today and in years to come. 



1. Break Bulk Transportation

Prior to the development of the containers, goods had been transported as ‘break bulk’, in such as boxes, bags, barrels, or crates. The goods were loaded and unloaded manually and individually, involving a considerable amount of labour force and time.

Coolie_HKU Library.jpg

Stevedores unloading from a cargo junk in 1960s

Photos Credit:  Hong Kong University Library

Hong Kong Maritime Quiz Challenge

We aim at stimulating our (young) audiences’ interest in the maritime world and promoting play-to-learn. How many correct answers can you get? Try now or you can download by clicking below image.


Children's Storybook - Little Carmen's Maritime Dream

To encourage the parent-child learning, we provide a children’s storybook as educational materials.

Looking forward to a day out with her father, Carmen brought her favourite toy – a yellow duckling – to visit her grandpa. While travelling across the harbour on the Star Ferry, the yellow duckling nearly slipped from Carmen’s hand into the sea. Seeing this, Carmen’s father told her a shipping story about ‘The Drifting Yellow Ducklings’.

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A Closer Look At Hong Kong Maritime Practitioners

There is nothing better than to listening to the real stories to have a closer look at the Hong Kong maritime world. Our acknowledgement of all the following interviewees of A Closer Look of Hong Kong Maritime Practitioner! The list include: Mr. Cowen B. CHIU, Mr. CHAN To Pui, Mr.Bjørn HØJGAARD, Captain LEUNG Tai You, Ms. Janet WONG, Mr. Martin CRESSWELL, Mr. IP Wah, Captain CHEUNG Sai Teng, Mr. David BEAVES, Mr. Tim FULLER and Mr. KWOK Shu Wai, David (listed in no particular order). 


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Maritime Quiz
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