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Harbour Circle symposium

Harbour Circle symposium
Harbour Circle symposium


2023年2月08日 下午2:30 – 下午6:00



It is our pleasure to cordially invite you to the Harbour Circle symposium on 8th February 2023 (Wed). Organized by the Hong Kong Maritime Museum and supported by Social Ventures Hong Kong, the event brings together changemakers and practitioners across sectors to drive new directions for a Green Planet, Blue Ocean; to be held at the Swire Marine Discovery Centre (SMDC).

The Swire Marine Discovery Centre (SMDC), funded by the Swire Group Charitable Trust’s TrustTomorrow initiative, is a new addition to the Hong Kong Maritime Museum. Comprising the Blue Ocean Theatre, Blue Ocean Gallery and Blue Ocean Learning Centre, it will serve as a marine science education platform and a meeting place for green groups, corporates and schools to engage in dialogues, nurture young minds and drive solutions for a greener future.

We invite you to celebrate the upcoming opening of the centre by attending the Harbour Circle symposium, which will include a series of panel discussions to exchange observations on the latest sustainability trends, innovative practices on marine conservation, insights on the development of the harbourfront, and community stories about our ocean.

Please join us to share your insights and connect with like-minded individuals. Kindly refer to the event details as follows:

Agenda: Click here


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