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Special Announcement

The Hong Kong Maritime Museum’s A & B Decks are re-opened now!

The Hong Kong Maritime Museum’s A & B Decks are re-opened on 29 Oct 2022 (Saturday). We have upgraded the visitor facilities and enriched the permanent exhibition. We are now re-opened to meet you with a fresh look, hoping to offer you a brand-new visiting experience in the re-opening. Each of the decks is featured with specific theme to narrate different maritime stories to the public. We would love to welcome you to explore more interesting stories of the Hong Kong Maritime Museum.


Deck A: Marine Science and Technology         
It introduces the development of maritime technology like sea navigation, tele-communications, as well as the theme of marine science such as oceanography and ecology in Hong Kong and beyond. The immersive bridge stimulator is also an excellent demonstration of how seafarers navigate in the sea.


Deck B: Hong Kong's Port Stories                     
It illustrates various maritime stories of how Hong Kong developed as a modern port since the opening of the port and the creation of the Victoria Harbour in the mid-19th century until today. It also includes tangible and intangible local maritime heritage as well as underwater archaeology.  


Deck C: China's Maritime Heritage  

It introduces the long history and development of China’s maritime Heritage for over 2,000 years. It covers naval architecture, China trade in Canton, East-West global trade, piracy in South China, and the development of treaty ports in the 19th and the 20th centuries.

Remarks: A3 – Ship Bridge Simulator and B4 – Life, Faith and Fun on the Water are temporarily closed. Sorry for any inconveniences caused.

For more information on the permanent exhibition, please visit the following website: Permanent Exhibitions | HK Maritime Museum

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