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"Sailor-Made: Manifestations of Nautical Fashion in Hong Kong Culture" Talk

The Sailor-Made story

Speaker: Mr. Gary Tsang


Not affected by time and regions, Nautical style has always been a unique appeal to fashion trends and who loves to dress up in the urban city. Through this talk, everyone will find more possibilities to match the Sailor style in daily life.

Date: 2021/08/28 (Saturday)

Time: 3:30 pm
Venue: Harbour Viewing Gallery, Hong Kong Maritime Museum

Language: Cantonese


Valid museum admission ticket required.

Limited seats are available with registration.


Speaker Bio:
Gary Tsang – A visionary Sportswear Fashion Designer and illustrator, Member of Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association. Gary Tsang is an ardent athlete on a mountain bicycle and was a representative of Regions for International Competition. Intergrated such inspiration in the design of functional sportswear and fashion style illustration aesthetic. A sports enthusiast and his diverse interests lead Gary to involve in a variety of collaborative projects such as Creative arts, sportswear collection and the fashion style illustration that imply with positive message and try to deliver the “Believe” from his inner vision and share to the world of people around.


Supporting Organization: Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association


Founded in 1984, the Association has evolved to a key platform to share ideas and experiences and to nurture young designers through organizing fashion events such as catwalk shows, seminars, interviews and group discussions. HKFDA is recognized as one of the leading fashion institutions in the region of Hong Kong SAR, Mainland China and other cities in the South Pacific region.

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