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Online mobile casinos for smartphones and cell phones

Whenever there are long waiting times or you want to spend some time, cell phones are quickly pulled out. Some people text family, friends or colleagues via various messaging services, others use their cell phones to bridge the gap while playing mobile casino games. Thousands of games are just a click away on your smartphone. If you've added your favorite casino to your favorites, it's even faster. The account can be opened in seconds and you have a wide selection with various table games, slots, live dealer games and even jackpots.

Mobile casinos put to the test

Our top list above contains the best mobile casinos the market currently offers. We put them all through a mobile casino test and carefully examined all the important details such as security, range of games, bonuses, payment options and support. The providers were able to convince on all points, especially in terms of game selection and variety.

The online casinos for cell phones we recommended automatically adapt to each end device. This means that as soon as you call up the casino Web site via your mobile device's browser, the system recognizes which device is being used. The individual casino pages and all オンラインカジノ ソフトウェア casino games are perfectly adapted to the display, run smoothly, and thus offer maximum gaming fun. All you need for mobile gaming is a smartphone, cell phone or tablet and stable Internet reception.

Digital entertainment offerings are often used on the go. This trend does not ignore online casinos either . Operators have upgraded massively in recent years. A full range of gaming entertainment is now available to players around the world. We explain to what extent mobile online casinos for smartphones and cell phones have been developed and what players should pay attention to when choosing a provider.

Digital entertainment is trendy

Consulting firm reported a 3 percent sales growth in the entertainment and media industries for 2019. This means these industries have total sales of 61.7 billion euros. Analog entertainment accounted for nearly 30 billion euros of this. The strongest growth was in the digital sector, by about 14 percent for digital specialized books and newspapers and 23.2 percent for music streaming.

Gambling is also part of the entertainment sector and is increasingly taking place digitally. The global gaming market is estimated at more than 360 billion euros-a growing percentage of this is accounted for by online casinos. These, in turn, have been signaling a crystal clear and unbroken trend for years: visitors are increasingly using their smartphones for a session at the poker table or virtual slot machine.

Online mobile casinos are ripe

Operators have long reacted and deployed sophisticated technical solutions. For most of today's オンラインカジノ プロバイダー online casino customers, it doesn't matter which device is used to access a slot or poker table. The same rules and payout percentages apply. Two technologies have established themselves in the marketplace: responsive design and our casino apps.

Responsive design: all you need is a browser

Most online casinos for smartphones and cell phones are based on responsive design. Simply put, this means that a Web site recognizes which device is being accessed. If a casino customer accesses it with a smartphone, a version optimized for mobile devices automatically appears.

This may differ from the desktop version in terms of design, menu navigation and content structure. The big advantage over classic apps: players do not have to download or install anything and do not have to update anything. In addition, browser-based solutions are considered particularly secure against various cybercrime practices.

Games with apps for Android and iOS

Only some of the online mobile casinos for smartphones and cell phones are based on classic apps. These are developed by casinos and downloaded and installed by players on the home page or via the App Store/Google Play Store.

The apps allow for a particularly quick introduction to the game since no website needs to be called up. A click of a button is all it takes to find yourself directly in the lobby. The few operators who still rely on app solutions develop their mobile online casinos for smartphones and cell phones with iOS and Android operating systems.

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