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As more and more people are willing to travel outdoors to experience life and relax themselves, solar powered electronic products are also popular among travelers! But many travelers do not know what kind of solar dc charger to choose, in order to meet their outdoor electricity needs! They have a part of the travelers, solar charging does not have too much knowledge and understanding, they first focus on is the most convenient to carry, the weight of the lightest, so they finally choose the area of a small solar panel solar charger, eventually found that not much electricity, think that solar energy has no effect. There is also a part of travelers, relying on their own self-feeling to buy solar charger, do not learn some solar charging knowledge, blindly choose solar charger with power storage function, after a period of time, found that solar energy is not necessary with power storage function, finally paid the "IQ tax"! What kind of solar charger is suitable for their own electricity needs?

Solar dc chargers, you don't just have to have a small solar panel to make electricity

Before the market has a kind of solar charger, charging is a kind treasure with a small solar panel on the back, there are a lot of travelling since there is no too much time to understand solar charger, so I just bought a small solar charger, then discovered, after a few days of using solar energy charging treasure so useless! Want to use the solar charger on the back of the solar panel to give the charge bank full sun, found that 1 week, but also the first grid power flash there! In fact, this small solar charger is just for emergency use, want to play the function of solar energy to charge battery life, it is unrealistic, after all, the solar panel area is too small!

One factor that affects the speed of solar charging: the area of the solar panel, which is critical to the ability of the solar charger to produce electricity! Such a small solar power bank, such a small solar panel, under the sun, in theory, the electric current is only about 0.1A-0.15A, even if exposed to the sun for an hour, it will only produce a negligible amount of electricity between 100mAh and 150mAh. And the battery capacity of a mobile phone is generally about 3000-4000mAh, with such a solar power bank to charge a mobile phone full of 20-40 hours, such charging efficiency, if outdoors, I think travelers may have already cut off power!

Instead of having a storage function, a solar dc charger can generate electricity at night without the sun

Many people who come into contact with solar chargers for the first time have an initial understanding: solar chargers would be better if they could store electricity. Some people are confused by the claim that solar charging can be done day or night! In fact, as long as you calm down and carefully think about it, you can clear up the layers of fog on solar charging! Solar charging should be divided into 2 aspects, one is the use of solar energy is, is to create electricity, the other is how to deal with the electricity created by solar energy? That is to store or directly charge electronic products to use. A lot of travelers make electricity and electricity together, think that the electricity, the night can also make electricity, just at night can be used! If you want to save the electricity generated from solar energy, just store it in a power bank.

On the one hand, to save battery solar charger is a product of combining the solar batteries with together, seems to be 2 in 1, charging is actually use electricity to charge batteries, not directly with solar charger, is to have a process to save electricity, can only use having put a little electric batteries, thus caused, the sun is there, It just doesn't charge into your phone. And there is a point when the battery is full of electricity, this time when the sky is still sunny, found that it can no longer use solar energy to make electricity, for the electricity so tense outdoors, good sun is wasted! The pure solar charger is different, as long as there is the sun, directly caused, can be filled with a variety of electronic products, at any time the sun will be stored at any time.

Solar chargers, on the other hand, can't use the sun's rays to charge at night, and they can't use the sun to make electricity at all. But some storage solar chargers are equipped with electric charging input port, you can use the charging head to replenish its power at night, so it looks beautiful, in fact, it is not necessary! On the one hand, because the solar charger is used in the field, we should know that there is no electricity in the field at night, and there is no electric charging! On the other hand, even if you have power at night, you don't need a solar charger, you can just charge your electronic products with electricity, and put the electricity into the power bank for daytime use on the third day. Therefore, the development of solar charger is not suitable for the field application.

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