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The other reason I have a love affair with AutoCAD? I can get anything out of it. An AutoLISP file is just a collection of numbers. A bit of code (e.g., AutoCAD extension for Mathematica) can convert the numbers back to text and then I have something I can print out or email or whatever. Or I can play with the numbers by doing math.I downloaded this new AutoCAD. It was billed as featuring changes from previous versions, but what was missing? One thing that jumped out at me is that the markers are back. I used to love markers, but I haven’t used them for many years. I thought this would be a problem, but I had a chance to get to know the AutoCAD Extension for Markups Assistant. This was a program created to make it easier to use markers.The program created new markers that match the old markers.It also made it possible to import the old markers into the new format. For example, this might have been what happened in version 2022. I imported some old markers into the new version, converted them into new markers, and used the new markers.If I change the old markers, the new markers will automatically change with it.These capabilities allow me to use markers to quickly show users what features were changed in the new version of AutoCAD. There are, of course, other ways to do this. I could get the changes in a data dump, or I could show them in the help system or by highlighting something in the drawing, but this makes it faster and easier.It also makes it easy to send the new drawing to the printer. Just import the old drawing into the new version and print.Vector Painter:The next new feature is something that I mentioned in my review of version 2022. Vector Painter makes it possible to work on a drawing without having to worry about all the colors and details. It’s like working on an image instead of a drawing.I used to do this in Photoshop a lot. I’d create a new image and then I’d sketch or paint something on it. It’s not easy to do this in AutoCAD and even more difficult to match the colors. Now I can create a new image, create some brushes, use those brushes to quickly paint on the image, and the color scheme will automatically update for 2be273e24d

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