Yes, it is possibly the most important ship in history because it was the one where Christopher Columbus was when he discovered America at the end of the fifteenth century, specifically, in 1492. Santa Maria Nao, wrongly called 'caravel' -the other smaller two boats were really caravels, La Niña and La Pinta-, although the three ships were considered caravels in the original documents. In the beginning, Santa Maria’s name was La Gallega, whose owner was Juan de la Cosa.

The renovated naval modeling kit of Santa Maria Caravelle 1/65 scale, manufactured since 2020, cannot be absent in the collection of faithful replicas of any ship modeler, its construction is inescapable because it is one of the essential vessels in history naval of the planet. It is aimed at fans of this hobby with an advanced level of skills for the construction of this wonderful scale model.

The modeler will find in this kit pieces of clear high quality birch wood cut with precision thanks to the laser; magnificent details made of metal and photo-etched; unbeatable and reinforced sails made of cotton, ready to be placed - this model includes the templates in die-cut cardboard to be able to paint their characteristic crosses-; and, as a gift so that the model is perfectly exposed, like a work of art that is, a wooden base with a nominal metal plate.

Once Santa Maria Caravelle wooden model is built, its measurements are as follows: Length 50.3 x Height 49.8 x Beam 26.4cm

It has a DVD with completely redesigned instructions with clarifying step-by-step photographs and in nine different languages, as well as several video tutorials, facilitating its assembly.

To give the model even more realism, a kit of 10 metal figurines of the crew members 1/65 scale is sold separately, ready to be assembled and painted. 

Includes the following characters and ranges:

-       Christopher Columbus.

-       Juan de la Cosa.

-       Martín Alonso Pinzón.

-       Vicente Yáñez Pinzón.

-       Rodrigo de Triana.

-       Sailor 1.

-       Sailor 2.

-       Sailor 3.

-       Sailor 4.

-       Sailor 5.

Wooden Ship Model: New Santa Maria Caravel 1/65

SKU: ZL037
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