The book opens with Hong Kong's roots as a wild coastal frontier (haijiang) of Imperial China and explores the history and culture of this maritime border zone. During the eighteenth and nineteenth-centuries, Chinese and Western influences merged to create Hong Kong as a durable crossroads that is forever reinventing itself. 

Today, Hong Kong's constantly changing coastline is an intense mix of urban high-rise dwellings, vast shipping facilities and near-pristine wild areas. It is home to one of the most vibrant water sports scenes in Asia. The book showcases unique wildlife populations of dolphins, turtles, and migratory birds, and focuses on Hong Kong's stunning coral and marine diversity with brilliantly colourful underwater photography. 

Water Margin is filled with little-known tales of pearl fishing, crocodile boats, pirates, the city's fishing fleet, and includes the voices of Hong Kong's ocean heroes such as Olympic gold medalist Lee Lai Shan, singer G.E.M., and village elders from remote fishing village. 

A portfolio of back and white photographs by Robin Moyer investigates Hong Kong seascapes that are an unceasing source of wonder for local residents and tourists alike. 

A book includes coverage of global ocean protection initiatives by co-authors Ocean Recovery Alliance. In addition to raising awareness and appreciation of our precious waters, the book examines the key challenges that Hong Kong must tackle to revive and preserve our aquatic environment for future generations. This book will reconnect "Hong Kongers" with the power and beauty of the sea around us. 


Hard cover 

172 pages

ISBN: 9789881566577

Laugage: English and Chinese

Water Margin: Hong Kong's Link to the Sea by Matthew Flynn and Ocean Recovery Al

SKU: BH028
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