Photographs and Impressions 1946–47 香港一九四六 - 四七

In 1946 the photographer Hedda Morrison, acclaimed for her 1930s and 1940s images of China, arrived in Hong Kong. During about six months there she photographed virtually every aspect of local life, which was little changed from decades earlier—yet destined soon to be transformed.

This book presents Morrison’s compelling, intimate documentary images of Hong Kong, its people and patterns of life, with narrative essays by Edward Stokes that vividly describe the postwar years. These unrivalled photographs, superbly printed at Harvard University from Hedda Morrison’s original negatives, hold up a mirror to a vanished world.

1930 至40年代以拍攝中國景象為世知名的攝影家 Hedda Morrison,於1946年居港六個月期間,以鏡頭如實記錄本地風土人情豐富多姿的面貌。

本書照片精采精紛陳,震懾人心;加上 Edward Stokes 翔實生動的說明文字,圖文並茂,讓讀者盡覽香港戰後的人情世態。無與倫比的照片,由哈佛大學以 Morrison 的原底片精心沖印,為逝去的人與事留下耐人尋味的影踪。

Language; English; Chinese

文字: 中文;英文

Hardback精装; 300 pages 頁

ISBN: 978-962-209-754-4

Size尺寸: 27.5 X 25.4cm

Hedda Morrison’s Hong Kong 逝影留踪

SKU: BH020
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