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International Museum Day 2022

Precautionary Measures at the HKMM

The museum is implementing prevention measures to protect our visitors and staff. Due to the impact of COVID-19, the museum will implement admission quota and special precautionary measures to help ensure public safety. Click here for more information.

When the admission quota is full, please expect a short wait for admission.

International Museum Day 2022 

To celebrate International Museum Day Hong Kong 2022, the Hong Kong Maritime Museum will organise a series of events in May. 


Lighthouses: Paradise Beyond the City

In collaboration with the Lighthouse Heritage Research Connections (LHRC) of the City University of Hong Kong, this event showcases the development of the Hong Kong lighthouses in the fields of science, art, humanities and architecture. The event aims to raising public awareness about local lighthouses and the history between lighthouse keepers and the local fisherfolk community. 

Dates and Times:

8 May 2022, 11:00 – 17:00 : Exhibition  

22 May 2022, 11:00 – 17:00 : Exhibition, Discussion Panel and Documentary Screening
Venue:  Special Events and Exhibitions Gallery

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Sharing by our Museum Director, Prof. Joost Schokkenbroek 

Today we celebrate the International Museum Day 2022. In response to this year's theme of "The Power of Museums", our Museum Director, Prof. Joost Schokkenbroek, shares his insight on the role of museums in social development and brand-new highlights that are coming to the museum.


“The Fall and rebirth of the city” Hong Kong during the Japanese Occupation Talk Series

From the Ashes: On Eileen Chang’s Love in a Fallen City, Lust Caution and Others 

Modern Chinese writer Eileen Chang (1920-1995) witnessed the fall of Hong Kong and its rebirth in the Sino-Japanese war as an undergraduate student of the Faculty of Arts at The University of Hong Kong. This talk will discuss the wartime memories depicted in Chang’s essay “From the Ashes,” including the everyday-life topics such as clothing, food, love, life and death. It will also explore Chang’s short stories “Love in a Fallen City,” “Lust, Caution” and their filmic adaptations. The “splendour and desolation” in Chang’s wartime writing will be analysed together with Ann Hui’s and Li Ang’s interpretations of her wartime legend and spy story. 

Dates and Times : 15 May 2022, 14:30 – 16:00
Venue :  Special Exhibitions and Events Gallery

Language :  Cantonese

Registration Closed

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The Dragon and The Eagle: American Traders in China

A Century of Trade from 1784 to 1900

To echo with the theme of the International Museum Day, the HKMM will introduce the online talk " Behind-the-Scenes Stories of The Dragon and The Eagle: American Traders in China” in the lecture series recently hosted by Paragon Book Gallery, as well as its online exhibition.

Curated by the Hong Kong Maritime Museum, this long-planned blockbuster exhibition aims to unfold the history of early Sino-American trade in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. This exhibition showcases valuable trade goods, export artefacts, nautical instruments, and archival materials, demonstrating the two nations' bilateral benefits in maritime trade, commerce and business, marine and nautical technologies, and social and cultural developments. The exhibition also serves as a platform for visitors to review this aspect of our shared history. 

The speaker is the Chief Curator of the Hong Kong Maritime Museum, Dr. Libby Lai-Pak Chan. She talks about the wonderful story behind the four-year preparation of this large-scale international exhibition at the Hong Kong Maritime Museum held in December 2018.

Online Exhibition:

Online Talk by Dr. Libby Lai-Pak Chan


Beyond Sailing: Chinese Junks in Hong Kong Special Exhibition

Chinese junks played a significant role in maritime transportation in Hong Kong’s early days and facilitated the development of local fisheries. Today, junks have largely withdrawn from major marine transportation, yet they remain as one of Hong Kong’s most important cultural and tourism icons. Using junk models, historical paintings and sketches, rare books, photographs, and postcards, this exhibition introduces the characteristics of Chinese junks in Hong Kong, mirroring the rapid changes of our city. It also illustrates the development of the important yet demolishing Chinese junk building industry in Hong Kong, the Pearl River Delta region and beyond. See the special exhibition to know more about the cultural history and characteristics of Chinese junks and join our general guided tour!

Date : From now until 30 May 2022
Venue :  Long Gallery

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