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(線上活動) 紀錄片欣賞與座談會:《燈塔記憶: 橫瀾島燈塔 》(日文版)

(線上活動) 紀錄片欣賞與座談會:《燈塔記憶: 橫瀾島燈塔 》(日文版)
(線上活動) 紀錄片欣賞與座談會:《燈塔記憶: 橫瀾島燈塔 》(日文版)


2022年1月23日 下午3:00 – 下午5:00 [GMT+8]







The Hong Kong Maritime Museum (HKMM) and the City University of Hong Kong jointly present the screening of the documentary Lighthouse Memories: Waglan Island Lighthouse (Japanese version) and a Japanese lecture by Taga Yumi on Chinese writing as the historical connection between Japan and China. The event will be followed by a sharing session of the documentary production.


Produced by the Lighthouse Heritage Research Connections (LHRC) of the City University of Hong Kong, the documentary Lighthouse Memories: Waglan Island Lighthouse introduces an article published in 1856 in the Chinese Serial, Hong Kong’s first Chinese newspaper published by Ying Wah College. The article described western-style lighthouse with an illustration. The notion of a western lighthouse was unbeknownst to people in Hong Kong, China and Japan at that time. Since the era of Bakumatsu (1853-1868), learned Japanese was interested in western knowledge through Chinese Serial. The Japanese hand copied them in order to disseminate and circulate. It is reasonable to conclude that Chinese Serial is a bridge for East Asia to learn the west’s advanced science and technology.


Narrator and translator of the documentary, Taga Yumi, will give a lecture to reveal a hidden history of the Japanese language through exploring the article. Archived in Japan, the article includes a Japanese transcription which people who understand Chinese can read without problem. Marks in red ink were added, indicating the system “Kanbun kundoku go” which is applied in Japan in order to read Chinese with Japanese grammar. Taga Yumi will compare the article with other official documents written by Japanese officials and explain that Chinese writing was an official language of Japan at that time.


After the lecture, participants can enjoy a sharing session by the documentary production team. This event is funded by the Maritime and Aviation Training Fund.


Event Rundown:


15:00 – 16:00 (HKT)

Lecture by Taga Yumi

The first Chinese newspaper “Chinese Serial” published in Hong Kong which Japanese learned about the notion of lighthouse for the first time

(Japanese supplemented in English)


Documentary Screening

Lighthouse Memories: Waglan Island Lighthouse (Japanese)


16:00 – 17:00 (HKT)

Sharing Session by City University of Hong Kong’s Lighthouse Heritage Research Connections Documentary Production Team (in Cantonese and translated into Japanese)


Panel 1: Behind the Scene

Yunting Guo, Jingyi Guo, Ruihua Jiang, Joe He, Richard Wong, Anthony Leung, Steve Ching


Panel 2: To the Lighthouse

Ryan Ho, Rita Lam, Sharon Choi, Iris Deng, Ivan Yeung


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