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    Sounds of the Sea

The COSCO Gallery - Sounds of the Sea

The crash of waves, the suck and roar of the backwash, the clang of a lighter’s derricks, the rhythmic thump of a big ship’s engine, the swishing of a propeller, the whine, whistle and roar of wind in the rigging – all seafarers will be familiar with these sounds of the sea. 

Super-imposed on these noises are gongs, whistles, bells, horns, sirens, diaphones, explosions and many more specific sounds that are used as warning signals and to send messages. There are explanations on how to interpret the different meanings as they are conveyed by a variety of pitch and pattern. 

Visitors can become even more in tune with the sea by listening to music that has been inspired by it.  The gallery features music ranging from classical to rock, and from folk to sea shanty, including Rimski-Korsakov, Rod Stewart, Da Hai (大海) and  ‘I’m a deepwater sailor just home from Hong Kong…’

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