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    Navigation and Meteorology

Frank Tsao Gallery - Navigation and Meteorology

The navigation bridge is the eyes and brain of a ship.   The Frank Tsao Gallery presents early and basic methods of navigation, explaining how they worked, how a ship steered and how distances were logged. China’s pioneering invention of the compass is a highlight in this gallery and the history of navigation is traced through to the modern, computer-based integrated bridge systems of today.

Discover how seafarers have used sun, moon and stars to find a ship`s position and the central role that time-keeping has played at sea. Learn about today’s artificial navigational stars: GPS (Global Positioning System); GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System); Galileo and BeiDou (北斗導航系統). Study the development of marine charts from the Mao Kun maps of the Wu BeiZhi (武備志) to Chart HK0801. See how predicting the weather at sea progressed from rhyming lore to computer modelling.

The Frank Tsao Gallery is sponsored by the IMC Group in honour of the Group`s founder, .