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Hongkong International Terminals Gallery - Harbour Viewing Gallery

This gallery presents the museum’s dynamic real time display: Victoria Harbour Live.

Hong Kong, the vibrant, bustling harbour that is so prominent today, has a behind-the-scenes story of evolution that visitors will be able to experience through specially fitted binoculars. Go back in time to 1846, for example, to the spot on HMS Iris where Lieutenant Heath stood to draw the panorama of Hong Kong or to 1841, when the harbour was 50 per cent bigger than it is today.

Now enormous container ships move in and out of Kwai-Tsing to the West of the harbour and Hong Kong’s new cruise terminal is taking shape in the East.  In between these points, the life of the harbour goes on, with ferries, river trade cargo vessels, tugs, lighters, warships, police and fire vessels, customs officers, immigration and other government officials all criss-crossing from shore to shore.  Every minute another vessel heaves into sight.  Real time radar shows an even wider view and a video screen captures the Mondrianesque montage of coloured boxes in Kwai-Tsing.

The gallery is sponsored by , which is a member of HPH Trust.