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    Fun on the Water

C. C. Liu Gallery - Fun on the Water

The second section of the Parakou Gallery focuses on water sports around Hong Kong and fun: fun on the water, fun in the water and under it.

The owners and users of pleasure vessels around Hong Kong range from expensive yacht clubs to government and NGO-run water sports centres.  Their vessels include yachts, flower boats and pleasure junks. The Phantom, one of the Huangpu-built yachts that pioneered yachting in the region, is featured and there is an account of how Hong Kong ‘A’ class became one of the longest serving Olympic yacht racing designs.

In the section on `Racing for Gold`, the story of Lee Lai-Shan, Hong Kong`s world champion and Olympic windsurfing gold medal winner, is shown along with the Mistral One Design Class (MOD) windsurfer that she sailed to victory in Atlanta in 1996.  The Dragon Boat has been raced in China for over 2000 years in China and this has become one of the fastest growing international water sports:  take note of the tips on how to win.

Hong Kong`s water sports have a long history and include the pioneering days of SCUBA diving in the 1950s.

The gallery is sponsored by the Parakou Group in honour of the Group`s founder, .