Financial Information

The Hong Kong Maritime Museum has a unique business model: we are privately funded, supported by the community, and subsidized by the Hong Kong Government.

Ten years in the making, the Museum’s expansion and re-location to Pier 8 in 2013 was the result of the collective efforts of the shipping community and many others in terms of time, money, dedication, passion and vision for what the Museum could offer Hong Kong, international visitors and find ways to engage in the global discussion on maritime.

HKMM is a not-for-profit registered charity with income generated by commercial activities, grants from the Hong Kong Government and the HKMM Endowment Trust and fundraising efforts. 

For more information about Museum activities and our performance against KPIs established by the Board and the Government, please refer to our Annual Reports.

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 Central Pier 8, Hong Kong 

Monday - Friday  09:30-17:30

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays 10:00-19:00

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