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On Sharks And Humanity

From 29 June 2017 

On Sharks and Humanity is a powerful contemporary art exhibition co-curated by Parkview Arts Action and the Hong Kong Maritime Museum, and launched in partnership with the international non-profit organization WildAid.

With the aim of raising public awareness about the pivotal role sharks numbers play in maintaining the balance of the marine ecosystem, and the urgent need for shark conservation, the exhibition brings together 36 top international contemporary artists that have joined forces to raise awareness on the negative impact of the shark fin trade.The featured artworks also function as a unique and interactive dialogue alongside the museum’s maritime collection.The first of its kind, the exhibition demonstrates the relationship between art and society, and emphasizes the social responsibility of museums, artists and the public.

The exhibition will be held both inside and outside of the museum, as the fifth edition of a multidisciplinary exhibition that has been shown previously in Monaco, Moscow, Beijing and Singapore to great acclaim.

Kindly be informed that the following exhibits have been dismantledsince 11 September:

王魯炎  Wang Luyan
被向下的向上體  Downward Force on Upward Moving Objects
陳佩玲  Peggy Chan  
究竟的彼岸  The Shore Beyond 
李捷  Li Jie
被捕者  Being Captured
李繼偉 Li Jiwei
遺忘的景觀  Forgotten Landscape
范學宜  Fan Xieyi
我是你的一部分  I Am Part of You
翁奮  WengFen
身體與鯊魚  The Body and the Shark
凌健  Ling Jian
5億年的蒼茫  500 Million Years of Being

Wang Luyan_Downward Force on Upward Moving Objects

To See a World in a Grain of Sand: Ancient Maritime and Overland trade

From 17 May 2016 
‘To See a world in a Grain of Sand’ is an exhibition that uses a small number of objects to communicate about the extensive maritime and overland trade routes of the past. Sand is an interesting metaphor for the land and sea trade which characterised the ancient Silk Road. The objects chosen for this exhibition highlight key themes around the circulation of commodities, people and ideas across the Silk Road over time.
Inspired by the first line of the poem by British poet William Blake (1757-1827), this exhibition explores the idea that the miniature can capture the essence of the vast. For the Silk Road, this includes both the maritime and land routes and the fascinating cross-cultural exchanges on art and culture across China, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.
This exhibition offers visitors a glimpse into the spread of decorative style, religious ideas and the development of technology that came about as a result of centuries of trade and cultural connections between China and the world. The artefacts on display include materials from different cultures related to China – far and near. They include export ceramics from China and Southeast Asia, gemstones from Southeast and Central Asia, Mongolia and the Mediterranean, Turkish saddles decorated with textile patternand ancient Roman glassware used in China. Some of the Chinese export ceramics on display demonstrate the influence of nomadic and Central Asian metalwork.