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Made in Hong Kong: Our City. Our Stories

05 Mar 2015 - 04 Sep 2015

Made in Hong Kong: Our City. Our Stories
6 March through 4 September 2015

Sponsored by HSBC, Hong Kong Maritime Museum's largest exhibition ever had record-breaking attendance of more than 100,000 visitors in six months. 

What Makes Hong Kong Unique? In three galleries, Changing Landscapes, Trade and Commerce and the People’s Wall, visitors experience over 150 years of history in Hong Kong.

Changing Landscapes
150 years of momentous changes.  Experience Hong Kong’s physical, political and socioeconomic history in a multisensory presentation.

People’s Wall
What is the Hong Kong spirit that has made this city into one of the most successful places in the world?

  • City of Talent - How do you interpret success?  In this gallery the extraordinary talents of Hong Kong people, some famous, others not so well known, in Sports, Culture, Entertainment, Medicine and Science, Technology and Innovation and Business and Finance.
  • Hong Kong Life - What did Hong Kong look like in those early days in the 1800s?  How has it changed over time?  This gallery explore the colours and nuances of Hong Kong life in Rule of Law, Workforce, Migration, Families and Recreation, Food and Markets and Street Life
  • Cherished Possessions - Artefacts of high quality and authenticity are hallmarks of Hong Kong, a centre of art collecting. In this gallery eight collectors–some world famous–share their most precious possessions: imperial Chinese porcelain, glassware, ancient jades, classical furniture, snuff bottles and contemporary and traditional Chinese art.

Trade and Commerce
When Hong Kong was ceded to the British in 1841, the city quickly became known as the best place to do trade with China and international trade took off. Commerce included everything from transporting foodstuffs, luxury items, people and livestock. As the colony grew, early industries took shape and both Western and Chinese entrepreneurs were flourishing by the end of the 19th century. This gallery is divided into five time periods and floor-to-ceiling displays feature products and brands, each with a reference to how they fit into the fashions and requirements of their day.

  • Science on a Sphere  - A 360° multisensory display – makes its Hong Kong debut at the Hong Kong Maritime Museum. See and hear the story of how a natural deep water harbour has transformed into a global trading powerhouse.


To view the exhibition's trailer, please click: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofMlNZum6pE