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On-the-water Educational Excursion

20 Sep 2015 10:00 to 14:00

Plastics in the Ocean: Become Part of the Solution

20 September (Sunday)

10:00 to 14:00

The plastic footprint on the planet is becoming as much of a concern as the carbon footprint. How can you make a difference?  Join HKMM and Ocean Recovery Alliance for a half-day on-the-water educational excursion and learn more about achievable solutions. 

For up to 30 participants (aged 8 and up), this unique educational experience will inform you about marine litter, how microplastics enter the food chain and the impact on the local and global ecosystem. Hands-on activities include visual surveys, water samplings and an opportunity to learn more about Hong Kong’s aquatic issues and positive trends. 

This is an exceptional opportunity to learn from experts in an interactive, enjoyable way with family, friends and like-minded environmentally concerned citizens of Hong Kong.

HK$450 Adults
HK$125 Children

Price includes cost of boat, fuel, crew and equipment, lunch and donations to the Hong Kong Maritime Museum and Ocean Recovery Alliance.