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Overglaze Porcelain Workshop

28 Feb 2016 14:00-17:00 (in Cantonese)

Overglaze Porcelain Workshop (in Cantonese)

Winus Lee, Ceramic Artist

Porcelain painted in Canton was known as Guangcai or Canton enamelled ware. It was painted using overglaze enamel colours , as shown in our exhibition, mainly for export, from the sixteenth century responding to demand from the West. From the 1920’s,Guancai was made in Hong Kong and became one of the most popular export goods. Nowadays, the techniques of making Guangcai are still being passed down and promoted. In this workshop, ceramic artist Winus Lee will introduce the history of Guangcai and the way it became rooted in Hong Kong. Winus will demonstrate the techniques and participants can decorate their own unique plates.

Fee for materials: $130; $100 HKMM Friends. Adults only.

Participant need to pay the admission on the day.