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Coastal Watch Ocean Seminar 5

23 Jan 2016 14:00-17:00 (in Cantonese)
Coastal Watch Ocean Seminar 5 (in Cantonese)
Philip Yip, Wetland and Fauna Conservation Officer, Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department
Kevin Cheung, Upcycling Product Designer
Patrick Yeung, Project Manager, Coastal Watch Project, WWF-Hong Kong
In collaboration with Coastal Watch Project. Reserve a place at coastalwatch.hk
Of the world’s seven sea turtle species, five have been recorded in Hong Kong, the Loggerhead, the Green Turtle, the Leatherback, the Hawksbill and the Olive Ridley. Of these, the Green Turtle is the only sea turtle species that regularly nests in Hong Kong. They usually lay eggs at the sandy beach at Sham Wan of Lamma Island, one of the few remaining nesting sites in the whole of Southern China. To protect the nesting turtles, their eggs and their hatchlings from human disturbance, conservation measures are employed around Hong Kong. Philip will introduce these and discuss their implications for Green turtle conservation in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong based upcycling product designer Kevin Cheung Wai Chun feels that designers have a responsibility to respond to environmental challenges. Designs have to become more sustainable and enrich the environment, their users and society as a whole.
Instead of continually using new materials, Kevin experiments with waste materials, reusing them to create new products. Collaborating with different NGOs locally gives him the chance to inspire people and give them a new perspective on how products are being made, consumed and disposed of. His artwork will be displayed at the seminar to show how a product can benefit society throughout the entire production process.
Lap Sap Wan bay is located at Cape D’Aguilar in Shek O faces east. It is a remote place with vast quantities of litter strewn everywhere along the shore including household commodities, industrial waste, recreational equipment and much more. Having not been cleared in years, in some places this debris has piled up to over 2 feet! Not only does the enormous amount of litter, particularly non-biodegradable plastics, affect the scenery at the beach and coastlines, the persistent rubbish is creating multiple threats to the marine ecology such as entanglement of the sea animals. Patrick will demonstrate how serious the Lap Sap Wan situation is and discuss how the society can join hand to solve the problem.