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Lantern Making Workshop

13 Sep 2015 14:00-17:00 (In Cantonese with English facilitation)
Ping Chi Au Yeung, Paper Art Master
In collaboration with the Conservancy Association for Heritage
The craftsmanship of making ritual paper objects has always been a remarkable form of folk art and practice among the Chinese community. Ritual paper objects and lanterns come in a wide variety of patterns and shapes and we can always find richness and creativity in the craftsmanship whether it is used for traditional festive events or for offerings to gods or ancestors. The exceptional skills and knowledge required to make lanterns and offering objects are often reflected in the classic beauty of these colourful products.
The workshop leader, who has many years of experience in making festive paper objects
and lanterns will demonstrate how to make traditional lanterns in our workshop and help
participants to create their own lanterns with special maritime decorations for the Mid-
Autumn Festival.
FREE with a Museum entrance ticket on the day.  (HKD30 & HKD 15 concession)