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To Kwa Wan Industrial Past

11 Jul 2015 14:00-16:00 (in Cantonese with English facilitation)
Led by Lik Bo Ng, president of the Hoi Bun Heritage Docents Society
To Kwa Wan was transformed from a small village to an urban area in the 1920s when many factories, shops and houses moved into the area. Film studios, newspaper offices, Watsons, the Wuyangpai battery factory, also white mist from the gasworks, slaughterhouse and bone factor were all collective memories of To Kwa Wan. There was a story that an emperor from the Song Dynasty had once fled to To Kwa Wan and the villagers who had helped him were rewarded with sacred clothes. To Kwa Wan local, Uncle Ball will take you to explore this district and share interesting stories and the heritage of growing up in this special neighborhood.