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  • The Hong Kong Maritime Museum offers public programming for adults, families and community groups on a regular basis and in connection with special exhibitions. For adults, we invite speakers to Saturdays Talks to share their areas of expertise across a wide range of topics. For families we hold storytelling and arts and crafts workshops

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06 Jun 2015 14:00-16:00 (in Cantonese with English facilitation)

Peng Chau is an island with numerous natural resources. As early as the Qing Dynasty, it was already a prosperous fishery trading centre with more than two hundred working fishing boats. ... more

Friday EYT
29 May 2015 19:00 - 22:00

Blng Bling Glam! Dress up in your finest and shiniest clothes and have a glamorous good time ... more

26 May 2015 17:45 - 19:45

Learn more about HKSAR's Biodiversity Strategy ... more

23 May 2015 16:00

Join Dr. Peter Cookson Smith and hear his views on urban planning in Hong Kong. Is it static or fluid? ... more

hong kong harbourfront
16 May 2015 - 17 May 2015 15:00 - 18:00

Make a poster about what Hong Kong means to you ... more

Family poster workshop
16 May 2015 - 17 May 2015

Visit to the Hong Kong Maritime Museum on International Museum Day. Join our interesting activities. ... more

IMD2015_Homepagebanner 660x215
10 May 2015 - 11 May 2015

Learn about the unique history of flower plaques and make your own mini flower plaque ... more

flower plaque workshop
Friday EYT
24 Apr 2015 19:00 - 22:00

Celebrate the Under the Lion Rock spirit. and listen - and sing along - to classic Canto Pop. ... more

enjoy yourself tonight
19 Apr 2015 - 20 Apr 2015

Bilingual author and storyteller Lisa Tam will share with you stories about growing up in Hong Kong. Each story contains a valuable lesson. ... more

storytelling lisa tam
12 Apr 2015 - 13 Apr 2015

Make a flower knot button with the use of simple tools and materials ... more

chinese knot button workshop