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On Sharks And Humanity

From 29 June 2017 

On Sharks and Humanityis a powerful contemporary art exhibition co-curated by Parkview Arts Action and the Hong Kong Maritime Museum, and launched in partnership with the international non-profit organization WildAid.

With the aim of raising public awareness about the pivotal role sharks numbers play in maintaining the balance of the marine ecosystem, and the urgent need for shark conservation, the exhibition brings together 36 top international contemporary artists that have joined forces to raise awareness on the negative impact of the shark fin trade.The featured artworks also function as a unique and interactive dialogue alongside the museum’s maritime collection.The first of its kind, the exhibition demonstrates the relationship between art and society, and emphasizes the social responsibility of museums, artists and the public.

The exhibition will be held both inside and outside of the museum, as the fifth edition of a multidisciplinary exhibition that has been shown previously in Monaco, Moscow, Beijing and Singapore to great acclaim.