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Curator’s Tours

02 Mar 2019 15:00-15:45

To accompany with the exhibition “The Dragon and the Eagle: American Traders in China, A Century of Trade from 1784 to 1900”, the exhibition tours will be guided by the Curators to unfold the interesting stories of early Sino-American trade through exhibits and historical backgrounds. Visitors will also be able to understand the process of exhibition planning, loan of exhibits from the US museums, exhibition concepts and design.

Free with museum admission.

26 Jan, 15:00-15:45 (in Cantonese)
Libby Chan, Assistant Director (Curatorial and Collections), HKMM
16 Feb, 15:00-15:45  (in English)
Nina Wan, Assistant Curator, HKMM
02 Mar, 15:00-15:45  (in Cantonese)
Katherine Chu, Associate Curator, HKMM