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Shopping guide for Canton (the American version) (in Cantonese)

26 Jan 2019 16:00 – 17:30
The shopping alleys in the city and in the periphery of 19th century Canton (present day Guangzhou) were lined with shops serving a staggering selection of goods and crafts made in China exclusively for Western clientele, making this city one of the greatest shopping centres in Asia. Through a study of these shops, their business model, and the export art offered to the foreign visitors of the time, this talk intends to provide a picture of the interactions between western traders, especially Americans, and a small group of local business and businessmen, and perhaps give another angle to the daily life of the western traders during their stay in China.
Free with museum admission.
Maria Mok, Curator
Hong Kong Museum of Art
Speaker’s bio
Maria Mok is Curator of the Hong Kong Museum of Art. She has extensive experience in museum work, with exposure in various departments, including China Trade Paintings, Chinese Antiquities, Modern Art, Education and Extension. She is responsible for research, curating, publication, and acquisition of the museum collection, as well as various education projects. Apart from her involvement in numerous exhibitions, she authored many articles and conference papers pertinent to the studies in Chinese art and China trade art, with a particular interest in the artistic interactions on global trade, epitomized in Images of the Canton Factories 1760-1822: Reading History in Art (HKU Press: 2015) co-authored with Paul A. Van Dyke. She received a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts Studies, a Master degree on Chinese Historical Studies on Guangdong decorative arts of the Qing dynasty, a Doctoral degree on China trade paintings, and a graduate diploma in Museum Studies.