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Workshop: Weather Science, Extreme Weather and Disaster Histories

01 Mar 2017 10:15 - 17:30

A themed workshop gathering scholars from multi-disciplinary backgrounds with an interest in the history of weather science, extreme weather and weather-related disasters, especially typhoons and floods for China, China Seas and Hong Kong. It will focus on the development of imperial meteorology as part of the regional network of observatories and scientists; its linkages with the maritime trade and, as a necessity due to the region’s extreme weather. The opportunity to invite a range of scholars from across the world will make this event high-profile and draw attention to HKMM’s resources and reach. The workshop is timely given the 100-year anniversary of Hong Kong’s storm warning signal system and, increasing interest in anthropogenic global warming. The workshop will seek to highlight Hong Kong (and the wider region’s) role in a nascent 19th and early 20th century weather science and the history of extreme weather. Today, with incredible technologies and urban planning initiatives, the destructive power of typhoons and floods has all but been forgotten amongst the younger generation. This workshop will draw attention to how the region has been shaped by its weather in the past and, how this intimately affects our lives today.


The workshop will benefit from linking with the Hong Kong Observatory’s 100th anniversary of a numbered tropical cyclone signal system; the Hong Kong Maritime Museum’s resources and potential exhibition on understanding on the development of weather science along the maritime silk routes in Asia,and the presence of several scholars from the UK in the region at that time for a second workshop on historical weather observations under the Atmospheric Circulation Reconstructions (ACRE) China initiative held at the Observatory. Participants can, therefore, cross both workshops where appropriate.


Shun Chi-ming, Hong Kong Observatory

Martin Mahony, University of Nottingham

Clive Wilkinson, University of East Anglia

Michael J. Jones, Independent Expert

Fiona Williamson, National University of Singapore

Stephen Davies, Hong Kong University

Togo Tsukahara, Kobe University

Mark Mollan, United States National Archives

William Waung, Hong Kong Maritime Museum

Rob Allan, UK Meteorological Office

Philip Brohan, UK Meteorological Office

Libby Chan, Hong Kong Maritime Museum

Emily YY Chan, SPCHPC

Gil Compo, Colorado/NOAA/CIRES

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