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(FULL) Lanterns and Offering Objects Workshop

04 Sep 2016
04 Sept, Sunday
13:00-17:00 (Cantonese)
Lanterns and Offering Objects Workshop
In the past, the signals were physically hoisted at many locations in Hong Kong. However, as radio and television weather reports became increasingly effective, the need to hoist physical signals diminished. The last signal station in Cheung Chau was decommissioned in 2002. The observatory has replaced the word ‘hoist’ with ‘issue’ in its official terminology,
Ping Chi, a paper art master, brings new ideas to the traditional paper art industry. The lantern and paper offerings he makes are related to modern daily life and arouse public awareness in that disappearing industry. Ping Chi will introduce the basic techniques of making paper offerings at the beginning of the workshop. Participants can then use the techniques to make their under his guidance.
Advance booking required..