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Maritime Careers

14 Nov 2015 14:30 (English and Cantonese)
The shipping industry is vital to our daily lives and transports 90% of everything we use:  from the electricity that powers the lights in your home, to the food you consume, to the bus that drove you to work, to the tar required to build the road it drove on. Careers in this global industry are both onshore and offshore. The industry onshore employs lawyers, engineers, IT professionals and brokers/traders, among others. Offshore, the industry is one that through hard work and ambition offers a opportunities for advancement, good pay and a chance to see the world.
Join us for a talk about onshore career options in the maritime industry and hear from professionals across a range of industries that make up Hong Kong's maritime cluster
  • Tia Poole, Associate Director, FP Marine Risks (Insurance)
  • Joanne Au, Ince & Co., Ince & Co (Legal)
  • C.A. Cheng, Pacific Basin (Ship Owner)
  • Samantha  Shum, Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement

Following the talk, there will also be an award ceremony for secondary students who have participated in the HK Education Bureau's Student Ambassador Programme.