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This publication combines the photographs of William Heering and the words of Stephen Davies More details
Price HK$ 343.00
This volume features holdings of the Sze Yuan Tang collection of historic paintings. More details
Price HK$ 245.00
A bi-lingual publication featuring 34 painting that depict the famous Jingdezhen kilns and the Chinese porcelain production process in the 18th century More details
Price HK$ 100.00
Trading China
As a historically important harbour and today, one of the busiest ports in the world, the research, identification and preservation of Hong Kong’s underwater cultural heritage is the basis of this highly accessible book. More details
Price HK$ 100.00
Treasures of the Deep
More than 100 photographs from the best of Michael Palin and Basil Pao's 24-year collaboration travelling around the world More details
Price HK$ 300.00