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Nothing poses quite as well as a posy of flowers and, caressed by brush or chisel, these delicate life-forms have long been a favorite theme with artists. More details
Price HK$ 160.00
flowers in the louvre
Selected from an exhibition of photographs by Rogan Coles More details
Price HK$ 80.00
A catalogue of charts, sailing directions, views and a bibliography pertaining to charting the Pearl River Delta More details
Price HK$ 1600.00
Pearl River Delta
The main purpose of this book, “Postcard of Old Hong Kong” is to show postcards with more detailed and accurate descriptions, whereas the role of each pre-chapter page is merely a sketch of that particular chapter, and cannot summarize all the historical details of the time. More details
Price HK$ 280.00
Postcards of Old Hong Kong
This exhibition catalogue produced by the Hong Kong Maritime Museum was created to accompany "The Silver Age" exhibition held between 19 December 2017 and 25 February 2018 More details
Price HK$ 480.00
The Silver Age Cover