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Multi compartments, fit for all kind of jewelries, rings, earrings, bracelets, watches... Soft and light weight, Excellent for your own private collections and traveling More details
Price HK$ 500.00
珠寶盒Jewllery Box
This calendar is published by The Photographic Heritage Foundation, in collaboration with Camay Ng Wong, daughter of the photographer Ng Sui Cheong. The photos portray many aspects of Hong Kong, including its urban districts, the harbour, fishing and farming. More details
Price HK$ 160.00
Written by Guy Shirra More details
Price HK$ 120.00
Crazing is often thought of as a glaze defect. When a clay body and a glaze are fired on a pot, they fuse together. As they cool, if the glaze contracts more than the clay body, it cracks or crazes. More details
Price HK$ 395.00
Spiked candle holder with 3½" diameter drip catcher, mounted on a 5" diameter propeller More details
Price HK$ 300.00
Propeller candle holder