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Photographs from the 1950s More details
Price HK$ 250.00
Throughout history, jewels have proven that they can lead us astray, be won or lost at great expense, and, in their passing between hands, teach us a thing or two. Archaeological relics, cherished talismans, tokens of love, or accessories of the drama of bourgeois life, jewels are at the heart of countless stories. More details
Price HK$ 160.00
In Love in the Louvre, the art of love and the love of art have been intimately entwined, from ancient times to the modern period. More details
Price HK$ 160.00
Nothing poses quite as well as a posy of flowers and, caressed by brush or chisel, these delicate life-forms have long been a favorite theme with artists. More details
Price HK$ 160.00
flowers in the louvre