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01 Jul 2017
The last thirty years have seen a huge increase in the number of maritime museums around the world. ... more
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01 Jul 2017
A large, panoramic scroll painting known as the Alexander Hume painting, dating to circa 1772 and now in the collection of the Hong Kong Maritime Museum (HKMM), is one of the earliest known depictions of trading establishments (‘factories’) known as hongs, in Canton (Guangzhou, the capital of today’s Guangdong province). ... more
15 Jun 2017
The sea is not humankind’s natural environment, and from ancient times people have taken steps to ensure their own survival on the water. There are records of primitive life jackets made from the inflated ... more
08 Jun 2017
When Hong Kong was liberated after the Japanese surrender in 1945, there was widespread malnutrition and the population was only a fraction of its size before the war. Many people expected the colony to become a quiet backwater. ... more
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13 Feb 2017
In 2014, Hong Kong-based environmentalist and Maker-Bay Director Cesar Harada took a group of schoolchildren to a local lake to test a plastic sensor they had developed. But the test had to be abandoned almost ... more
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