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08 Jun 2017
When Hong Kong was liberated after the Japanese surrender in 1945, there was widespread malnutrition and the population was only a fraction of its size before the war. Many people expected the colony to become a quiet backwater. ... more
how hk
13 Feb 2017
In 2014, Hong Kong-based environmentalist and Maker-Bay Director Cesar Harada took a group of schoolchildren to a local lake to test a plastic sensor they had developed. But the test had to be abandoned almost ... more
Fragrant Harbour - WEB
01 Aug 2016
In the 1970s, Vietnamese refugees struggled to escape from their own country after the 20-year Vietnam War. ... more
02 Nov 2015
In 2014, HKMM successfully partnered with the University of Oxford on a special exhibition Mapping Ming China’s Maritime World: The Selden Map and Other Treasures from the University of Oxford. The ... more
23 Oct 2015
A bi-lingual publication detailing each of the 34 painting depicting the famous Jingdezhen kilns and the Chinese porcelain production process in the 18th century ... more