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Mapping Ming China's Maritime World

Volume I - Mapping Ming China’s Maritime World – The Selden Map and Treasures from the University of Oxford

Volume II - New Research into the Maritime Trades, Seafaring and Underwater Archaeology of the Ming Dynasty International Symposium Proceeding

From 21 March through 23 June 2014, the Hong Kong Maritime Museum (HKMM) successfully partnered with the University of Oxford on a special exhibition Mapping Ming China’s Maritime World: The Selden Map and Other Treasures from the University ofOxford. The exhibition was enriched by an array of programs, including a high-level academic symposium. This catalogue and the proceeding are the fruits of these two successful events.

Both the exhibition and the symposium highlight stories around the newly restored Selden Map, a treasure that embodies an important episode of the long history of the Maritime Silk Road that has connected China with the outside world through sea voyages. As Hong Kong’s premier maritime museum, HKMM is committed to enhancing the understanding of Hong Kong and China’s maritime heritage. Since we opened to the public in 2005, HKMM has been aiming to stimulate public as well as academic interest in Hong Kong and China’s maritime connections with the world. The success of the exhibition and the symposium is an important milestone in advancing the museum’s mission and vision.

An abstract of both volumes is further below.  To purchase this two volume set, please click here. 

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